Mostra Internacional de Teatro de Rua - Edição 2013
November 22-30, 2013

SHAKESPEARE IN THE STREETS is an event created to homage the English immigrants who much had collaborated for the development of our city. We homage them by means of its great poet and writer William Shakespeare.

English Mansion in 1946
Collection: Instituto Samir Geraigire

English Mansion in 2004

Shakespeare is considered one of the most important writers of all the times. Its literary texts are true works of art and had remained alive until the present, where they are portraied frequently by the theater, television, cinema and literature. The texts of Shakespeare had made and still they make success, therefore they deal with proper subjects of the human beings, independent of the historical time. Affective love, relationships, feelings, social matters, subjects politicians and other subjects, related the condition human being, are constant in the workmanships of this writer as the Merchant of Venice, Dream of a summer night, the Comedy of the Errors, the two nobles of Verona, Much racket for thing none, Night of kings, Megera Domada, the Storm, Romeu and Julieta, Macbeth, Coriolano, Timon de Atenas, King Lear, Otelo and Hamlet among others.
This sample reaches a devoid white public of spectacles and culture in our city and region. Had the participation of the Ogawa Butoh Center in some international festivals and samples, we are fomenting together interchange to some theatre groups or company of some parts of the world - groups that they search and they work with the language of street theater. Mostra intends to carry through a visiting panorama being looked for to offer to the simonense public and a more representative panel of this art that if carries through in the streets of the world.




Machine Processing of coffee

English lamppost

SHAKESPEARE IN THE STREETS - Mostra Internacional de Teatro de Rua – Edição 2013, will be held from 22 to 30 November - 2013 in São Simão-SP in over 10 cities in the region: Santa Rita do Passa Quatro, Tambaú, Santa Rosa de Viterbo, Luis Antonio, Cravinhos, Serra Azul, Santa Cruz da Esperança, Serrana, Ribeirão Preto and Cajuru.
The show has as main target low-income communities, bringing performances to be presented in squares, neighborhood associations, factories and public schools and state.